Great Day at College

Sometimes we just have gold days at Moore College.

First, we had community chapel. We do this once a month, inviting all the families of students, faculty, the support staff etc to join in one chapel. We’ll have guests. This time we had Allison Vassallo, a Christian singer-songwriter from here in Sydney.

On top of this we had Bishop Robert Forsyth preaching on 1Cor 1:18-25. Great stuff, culminating in those telling words:

1 Corinthians 1:28 God chose what is low and despised in the world, what is regarded as nothing, to set aside what is regarded as something, 29 so that no one can boast in his presence.

and the simple question, “what do we seek to boast in?”

And there was more to come. Our Ethics class was a lecture by Chris Wright of the Langham Partnership speaking on Ecological Ethics.

Langham Partnership are wonderful people. Founded by John Stott they work hard to support theological education in the developing world.

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