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11 comments on “This is quite stunning

    • I don’t think so, they now can rebuild the church….it leaves me thinking about why God destroyed the earth when it flooed with Noah…I wonder with all the sin, with all the evil if this wasn’t God’s way of taking care of it? I think it is ok to think of the great that can come of this. This church can rebuild, and make it even better, and stronger than before.

      • The cross being left is a sign of hope; light shining in on a dark situation. A statement of strength in Christ and a hope in the hereafter. Though heaven and earth will pass away, His words will never pass away. We live in the age of grace and He doesn’t want us to forget that. Though many things seem important, nothing is more important than Christ and what He did for us on the cross.

        Or it could be a coincidence that the cross is left standing and it means nothing at all.

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