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And what we’ll be doing is re-launching Stand Firm on Monday, March 19th, as a Christian critique of religion, politics, and culture, mainly in America but with the same eye on the rest of the world we’ve always had.

We will not be scaling back our Anglican coverage. That will continue as usual, and likely even be expanded a bit. We’re not slimming down on Anglican coverage – but we are bulking up on non-Anglican coverage. All our 25,000+ posts will still be here, along with all the documents, images, and audio files we’ve accumulated over the years. All discussion threads will remain intact.

Here are some of the highlights you can look forward to:

– A completely redesigned site. A cleaner, more open layout, easier to read, with better organization and more photos.

– Our comment system will be still be here, but we’re also adding Facebook comments in a separate tab. We’re also making it easier to share articles on major social networks, and we’ve greatly improved the way we look in those “shares.”

– Around The Web will be expanded to mutliple sections, to include blogs from different denominations and major areas within our new editorial focus.

– The biggest change of all, though, is that we’re adding three new writers. Sadly, I was unable to jettison the current staff (there’s a little-known codicil in the minions’ contract stating that once under servitude, one is obligated by a weird sort of noblesse oblige to keep them around indefinitely), but check this out:

The Rev. Timothy Fountain, who for years blogged at Northern Plains Anglican, is back, and writing for us.
– So is David Fischler, who ran the excellent Ecumenical Insanity back in the Anglican blogosphere’s stone age, and has for the past few years blogged “The Reformed Pastor.” David will focus on the Presbyterians and other mainline denominations.
Allan Haley, known far and wide as “The Anglican Curmudgeon,” is also on board, and brings his formidable talents at legal analysis and big-picture evaluation.

These are three great voices, and I’m honored they’ve accepted my invitation to join the staff. And while these gentlemen will no doubt be reduced, in time, to the same sad, hopeless state as the current staff of writers, they don’t know that yet, so keep it under your hat.

Yes, that’s right. The biggest and best will be getting bigger and better. Go check it out…

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