the bizarre world we live in

I’m stunned. Just watched an advert on TV for a prominent pain killer. Apparently it can relieve both headaches and “monthly” pains.

Why is it that we can have almost complete nudity on TV but it’s not acceptable to say “period”?

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8 comments on “the bizarre world we live in

      • My euphemism beats your euphemism

        David, “period pain” as as much a euphemism as “monthly pain” don’t you think?

        David McKay

              • Re: My euphemism beats your euphemism

                Well, you might not have to joke around as long… there’s a New Oral Contraceptive Available That Produces 3-Day Period… it’s called Loestrin. Here in America, the commercial has a girl saying that she wants to say goodbye to her “period” *gasp*. Yes… she says the word. 😉

      • Hehe, nope. Here in North America the lay term is “cramps”. But the more medical term is “menstrual pain” and that’s what they usally use in TV commercials.

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