The Big Ticket – Matters of Life and Death

There are some big ticket questions in life and as Christians we’re convinced that Jesus brings Big Ticket answers so at Glenquarie Anglican Church we’re launching The Big Ticket.

the big ticket…every quarter we’re going to look at a Big Ticket question and provide some Big Ticket answers.

Our first Big Ticket in January 2014 looked at the thorny question of Sex and Marriage.

Our next Big Ticket is on 18 May 2014 at 2pm looking at questions surrounding the issue of life itself. What about abortion? Euthanasia? What is life anyway and how do we make sense of it?

There’s a facebook event to use to invite friends if that’s your thing. Or use this promo slide.

the big ticket - life

I’m seeking to show how Jesus provides the answer to big questions about the beginning and end of life. We’re also going to be promoting the work of Diamond Pregnancy Support.

and there’s also this…

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