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5 comments on “Valé Ugley Vicar

  1. This is awful news. I only knew him via his blog, but he always had such insightful and challenging things to say. I particularly appreciated his focus on what evangelicals can do, rather than whingeing about the roadblocks we face.

  2. As you say, awful news. Relatively unknown here, he took Graeme Goldsworthy’s work and popularised it in the UK. And wrote great resources for evangelicals about one of those things we fear most: singleness. Like Andrew, I didn’t know him although I knew his Aussie publisher. Well done good and faithful servant now in glory. Praying for his widow and loved ones.

  3. John told me once he had done his ordination training, then beenordained, then had worked in parishes, but then heard Philip Jensen expound biblical theology at a conference in England. He said it was like the light finally went on, everything suddenly made sense! I thank God for his incredible mind and the place he had as a clear-thinking evangelical in the UK. He will be missed by friends all around the world…

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