Resolutions of Diocese of North West Australia uphold Biblical orthodoxy

You are currently viewing Resolutions of Diocese of North West Australia uphold Biblical orthodoxy

The Anglican Diocese of North West Australia has just held it’s biennial synod at which the following motions were passed.

Motion 2. The Anglican Church in Aotearoa and New Zealand

Moved Revd Brian Fyffe, seconded Revd Frank Nicol.

That, in view of the recent decision by the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia (the Church) to abandon the teachings of Christ and the doctrines of the Anglican Communion (as stated in Lambeth Resolution 1.10 of 1998) by allowing for blessings within the church of same sex couples who have been “married” elsewhere, this Synod:

  1. expresses our support for, and continuing fellowship with Ministers who have left the Church, or who will have to leave the Church as a result of this new unbiblical practice; and commends them for their faithful witness to biblical teaching; and
  2. prays that those brothers and sisters in Christ within the Church who struggle with same sex attraction and are striving to remain celibate and faithful to Christ’s teaching, will not feel disheartened by the Church, and will remain strong in their conviction of the truth and strive to live godly lives.

Motion 3. Supporting GAFCON

Moved The Ven Michael Baines, seconded Revd David Mitchell.

That this Synod continues to affirm and participate in the GAFCON movement as ‘a global family of authentic Anglicans standing together to retain and restore the Bible to the heart of the Anglican Communion’.

Accordingly, we endorse the Letter to the Churches produced by the 2018 GAFCON Assembly in Jerusalem. This letter affirms the priority of ‘Proclaiming God’s Gospel’, which we must also defend ‘against threats from without and within’, such as the ‘theological revisionism’ that seeks ‘to recast God’s gospel to accommodate the surrounding culture’.

We pray that Anglicans all over the world will heed this letter’s call to repentance and to the faithful proclamation of Jesus Christ.


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  1. Gabriel

    LGBTIQ People are part of God’s Creation, Bisexuals being 80% of humanity.. By Judging LGBTIQ, you are Questioning God’s Creation… Heterosexuals are 10% of humanity… The Church is WAY out of Touch with science and the general population… LOVE is the Answer….

    1. RevRon

      Fun knee-e-e-e-e….

  2. MichaelA

    Give thanks for the dioceses of Sydney, Armidale and North West, which give an unambiguous witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Probably others as well (apologies if I have omitted any).

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