Paganism and Pantheism in the US Episcopal Church

One of the persistent misperceptions of the current crisis in the Anglican Communion is that its just about sex – more specifically that its a bunch of hung-up conservatives who are too closed-minded to accept differences of opinion over sexual ethics.

The reality is far different – the real crisis is a wholesale abandoment by the Episcopal Church of key Christian doctrine. This abandonment expresses itself in various ways, not least in choices made about sexual ethics.

But the rot is far deeper and here is a classic example. This is the introduction to the consecration of two women as bishops in LA Diocese. Long before the issue of the sexual behaviour of one of the candidates is even an issue, what follows should give real cause for concern. As the clone puts it, can you even begin to count the heresy that is coursing all through this?

And yes, the dude in the big gold cloak taking part in it all is the bishop. Breathe people, breathe…..

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  1. Roger Gallagher

    I’m getting worried about them. It only took them 50 minutes to mention Jesus.

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