Archbishop of Perth Responds to Concerns over Ordination

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The Archbishop of Perth has today released a statement in response to growing concerns about tonight’s ordination and the appointment of a new precentor at the Cathedral.

The statement is reproduced below:

Powered By EmbedPress understands that conservatives in the diocese are not placated by this message. In particular they find the assertion of the Archbishop that candidates for ordination went through a rigorous examination process particularly troubling since the two candidates in question both had lives that were in clear breach of the requirements of Faithfulness in Service as adopted by the diocese. In particular the following:


As has already been outlined at, one candidate was living in a de facto relationship that had produced children and the other continues to be in a civil union with a same-sex partner. Conservatives in the diocese have made it clear to the Archbishop that they consider both situations to be quite obviously in contradiction to 7.5 and 7.7, let alone contrary to the Scriptural standards of behaviour.

The Archbishop’s statement does appear to place the responsibility on this matter upon the candidates themselves to make a truthful disclosure rather than requiring the examining chaplains, the diocesan process and structures and, ultimately, the Archbishop herself to intervene. This is especially concerning since the domestic situations of both the candidates were no secret to anyone involved and yet at no point in the four year formation process were they prevented by anybody in the diocesan structures from moving forward to ordination.

Tonight’s ordination is expected to be live-streamed on the Cathedral’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Tim Tunbridge

    Sexual intimacy is surely one of the elements of the type of ‘committed domestic arrangement’ as described. The Archbishop should stop being disingenuous and recognise the valid concerns of those in her Diocese.

  2. Jen Copley

    I don’t think the ordination in Perth is available to the public any more.

    1. David Ould

      you’re right. It’s almost like they don’t want people to know about it.

  3. Robert Bruce

    Sadly, what is happening in Perth is what we have come to expect from some Anglican bishops and archbishops. They are more concerned with being seen as “woke” than with upholding the teachings of Jesus or spreading the Gospel. Their time will come.
    In the meantime, to make up for what these so-called “leaders” are not doing, those of us who are Bible-based Christians must redouble our efforts to reach out to those who need to hear the Good News and to repent, believe and come to salvation.

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