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Calvinistic Cartoons has this to say…

enough said...
enough said…

Joshua tells us why this is all so important,

The problem with public support and affirmation for the Pope is that the differences between Protestant Christianity and Roman Catholicism are too central – the whole issue of how we are saved cannot be glossed over.  To say, suggest, imply or  assume publicly that the Pope is a brother in Christ is saying that these differences are adiaphora as in the end do not impede our fellowship. It is unhelpful as it is confusing.

There are ways and means of welcoming Francis’ election charitably and generously without giving up the game. Or was the Reformation all just a bit of fuss about nothing?

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8 comments on “On the New Pope

  1. I do find myself conflicted in this area. The Reformation was a great and necessary good – our sisters and brothers did not struggle and die for nothing or anything near it. I guess the feeling now is that in quite a few of our big struggles our RC friends or brothers or whatever we should charitably call them (as a group which makes it hard) stand with us shoulder to shoulder. Also the Roman church has changed in some ways since and due to the reformation (in some ways for the worse and in many for the better)

    • one thought immediately, Ian.
      We do stand with the RCC on many moral issues and ought to continue to do so. But morality is not the gospel – even if it flows from it. So partnership in these matters is not at all partnership in the gospel.

      • Hi rare man (God seems to rarely call a man form north of the Bridge to west of Burwood – or even south of Bridge – especially not rectors)
        I was really thinking of our loving struggle with Islam and atheism although their work on nature of marriage has been helpful

  2. So what would be your advise on how to pray for the new leadership, the pope on Sunday morning service?

    • Pray he would lead the RCC well, stamp out corruption and abuse within and surprise us all by preaching the true Bible gospel, contrary to His predecessors.

      • Thanks David, should we give thanks for a new pope in the prayer, just like we give thanks for the leaders governing our nation even though we do not agree with policies? It sounds not right to give thanks, and I am not pro RC, but just think what is the right way to pray.

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