New Dean of St Paul’s London is, surprise surprise, pro gay marriage

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Somebody in the Crown Nominations Committee is having a serious laugh. Just about the most important non-episcopal clergy appointment in the Church of England has gone to yet another liberal. And at his introductory press conference just guess what button he simply had to press…

The Very Rev Dr David Ison, who was appointed by the Queen this week, said the church should welcome gay people wanting to take on the virtues of marriage, such as faithfulness.

“We need to take seriously people’s desire for partnership and make sure that the virtues that you see in married relationships are available to people who are gay,” he said.

In his previous position as dean of Bradford Cathedral, Ison conducted ceremonies to affirm and pray for gay couples civil partnerships. He said he would be happy to do the same at St Paul’s.

Is it me, or is there not even any subtlety to this anymore? It used to be that a prominent clergyman would cage his left-field comments in nuanced language. Now they just blurt them out, happy to even openly admit that they have no regard for received doctrine and practice and, indeed, simply contradict them.

Having said that, this is quite funny. The Guardian have the following picture of Ison and the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres. (Luther Pendragon/PA):

For some reason, his grace does not look very cheery about the whole thing. I imagine Ison’s press conference has only further increased his good humour. Can’t see this one going away in a hurry…

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  1. Alan Wolfe

    The other distressing thing is how badly evangelical leadership and teaching declined in England.

    Ison went ot St John’s College Nottingham and taught at the Church Army College – bothe evangelical organization.

    His Bishop in Bradford is Nicholas Baines, a protege of Rowan Williams, who went ot Trinity College Bristol. Ison and Baines both indicate that English Anglican evangelicalism can no longer produce biblical leaders. Step by step they have slipped into liberalism in post-Christian Britain.

  2. Cradle Anglican

    “Bogus” Bishop – Read Matthew 7:15-20
    The virtues of married life are only available to those who are married according to God’s will. That will is clearly revealed in Holy Scripture as being a lifelong union between a male and female. The “good” Bishop ought to read his (Authorised Version) Bible and the Prayer Book of the Church of England:
    Marriage is considered a sacrament by many in the Church (Anglo-Catholics especially). This man’s statements are a direct insult to all faithful Christians. He should repent and believe the Gospel.

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