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For anyone even remotely interested in the Anglican Communion, this analysis article by MCJ is a must-read.

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  1. detroitfather

    Good article.

    I think we’ve all been burned before, or felt that way.

    I dearly wish that I could find the cartoon I drew with Charlie Brown (representing traditional Anglicans) running up to kick the football held by Lucy (wearing a bishop’s mitre).

    I fear that the football will be pulled away once again, and that we are in for a hard landing. Once again.

    1. prester_scott

      Which is why I have no regrets as to my jurisdictional choice.

      I’ve never had more confidence in my episcopal leadership. I wonder how many ECUSAns can say the same.

      1. detroitfather

        Since I joined the ECUSA, my confidence in my episcopal leadership has been absolutely unwavering … at a constant level of zero.

    2. yechezkiel

      Of course. Even if they do make some token gesture, or even demand the defrocking of +Gene, it won’t fix the core problem. ECUSA and the CoE both are thick in allowing people who don’t even pretend to uphold the faith not only worship, but preach and minister in their church.

      They’ll throw the conservatives this bone, and sated because their reaction to homosexuality was listened to, they’ll pleasantly ignore the mainline Anglican Communion’s continuing decline into pluralist garbage.

  2. kjs

    I said this in relation to another story about the possibility of CoE heresy trials: “May God grant it.”

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