Anglican Mission in England launch new website.

Here it is.

Pretty basic, of course, but this is going to become a very important web presence over the next few years.

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  1. Peter Ould

    It’s written in Drupal. Drupal.

    Just leave the word there and let it settle in as the iconic nature of that statement starts to permeate.

  2. David Ould

    I know. And you know them – so have a word, will you….

  3. Shine

    Is this church only in England?

  4. David Ould

    hi Shine,

    Yes, this organisation (not a church but a body within the Church of England) is only in England. But it’s linked to the FCA – a global body within the Anglican Communion.

  5. Shine

    Oh sorry…because when I went to the site, I saw Church of England.  Thanks David!

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