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In response to my article yesterday a good friend sent me this, a piece of satire by Jonathan Swift.
It bears reading through, it’s a fine argument against the sort of utlitarianism that Singer is proposing.

Again, let me remind you, it’s satire.

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  1. yechezkiel

    Sparks: “I’ve got a book.”
    Debbie: “What’s the book?”
    Sparks: “A Modest Proposal.”
    Debbie: “By Whom?”
    Sparks: “Johnathan Swift.”
    Debbie: “And what is the book about?”
    ((long pause))
    Sparks: “Eating babies.”
    Debbie: “…the hell is that supposed to mean?”
    Sparks: “It’s like veal, only babies.”
    Debbie: “That’s sick!”
    Sparks: “I’m talking real baby back ribs.”
    ((long pause))
    Debbie: “…the foulest thing I’ve ever heard!”
    Sparks: “RIBS!!! Dripping with sauce!!! Falling off the bone!!!”
    Debbie: “You sick bastard!!”
    Sparks: “Just trying to help out a single mom.”

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