more Ethan stuff (what else were you expecting?)

We had a good day with Ethan today. Jacqui had 2 good feeds during the night, first at 12pm and then at 4pm. I woke up at 9am and Ethan was still asleep!!! That means that he’s getting a good belly-full of milk which is really encouraging for us. It also means that his parents feel like they’ve actually had some rest.

I looked over the posts that I’ve made in the last few days. Around midnight, about 3 hours before Jacqui went into labour, I wrote (in this post) “Frankly, if we’re still waiting on Tuesday then I’ll eat my hat.” Turns out I was right.

OK, more pictures:

Here’s the first shot of the whole Ould family.

Charis had a good visit with us. Here she makes sure that none of Ethan’s vital facial features are missing.

And, after a long hard day of feeding and sleeping and a warm bath and massage, Ethan takes it easy.

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