More cool baby stuff

yeah, i know – it’s all I ever talk about.
But this was awesome. Tonight we were sitting watching last night’s episode of Alias II and, for the first time, the baby kicked.

So I put my hand on Jacqui’s abdomen and felt it – a light tap against the skin.

But that’s not all. I took my hand away and watched, and there was another kick – this time you could see it. The skin pushed out.


Normal scheduling now resumes…

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  1. rmwilliamsjr

    Normal scheduling now resumes
    ha. obviously a first time dad.
    normallacy will NOT resume for 18+ years.

    my youngest is 19. this is the voice of reason and experience speaking *grin*

    your blog brings back lots of pleasant memories. thanks for sharing them. i can remember the first time the babies kicking woke me up…..

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