Making Marriage Meaningless

well worth 7 minutes of your time. One of the best summaries of the argument as to why “same-sex marriage” is actually about changing marriage. The only thing I’d add is that “same-sex marriage” is not so much a catalyst for these changes as a symptom of the changes.

via Anglican Mainstream

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  1. Nigel Poore

    Put simply:
    God = Order out of chaos
    Rebellious Man = Chaos out of order

  2. Jon

    Nigel, you are right. When God set the regulations on the practice of polygamy (Exodus 21:10 etc.) order came out of chaos. Rebellious Man tried to implement monogamy and see all the problems. Now we try to set things straight and bring back the polygamy.

    1. David Ould

      Oh Jon, you’re so entertaining. A for effort

    2. Nigel Poore

      Hi Jon,
      Yep, just one item of thousands on the “ain’t doing it Gods way” tick n flick sheet.
      My young daughter was aghast this week when a lady at work came up to her and proudly announced her son was gay.
      The disorder of this age is frightening.

  3. royalrendezvousLisa

    The link isn’t working now, unfortunately. I heard your excellent segment on the news.

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