Making Marriage Meaningless

well worth 7 minutes of your time. One of the best summaries of the argument as to why “same-sex marriage” is actually about changing marriage. The only thing I’d add is that “same-sex marriage” is not so much a catalyst for these changes as a symptom of the changes.

via Anglican Mainstream

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5 comments on “Making Marriage Meaningless

  1. Nigel, you are right. When God set the regulations on the practice of polygamy (Exodus 21:10 etc.) order came out of chaos. Rebellious Man tried to implement monogamy and see all the problems. Now we try to set things straight and bring back the polygamy.

    • Hi Jon,
      Yep, just one item of thousands on the “ain’t doing it Gods way” tick n flick sheet.
      My young daughter was aghast this week when a lady at work came up to her and proudly announced her son was gay.
      The disorder of this age is frightening.

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