How to Speak Postmodernism – A Guide for all Theological Liberals

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This is just brilliant. The observations are utterly familiar for anyone who has ever dealt with theological liberals. Funny that.

At some point someone may actually ask you what you’re talking about. This risk faces all those who would speak postmodern and must be carefully avoided. You must always give the questioner the impression that they have missed the point, and so send another verbose salvo of postmodernspeak in their direction as a “simplification” or “clarification” of your original statement. If that doesn’t work, you might be left with the terribly modernist thought of, “I don’t know”. Don’t worry, just say, “The instability of your question leaves me with several contradictorily layered responses whose interconnectivity cannot express the logocentric coherency you seek. I can only say that reality is more uneven and its (mis)representations more untrustworthy than we have time here to explore”. Any more questions? No, then pass the cheese and crackers.

Read it all. Now.

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  1. Nigel Poore

    Oh the joys of listening to fake people !!

    I always say “do you go home and talk to your wife like that?”.

    Thank goodness for pre postmodern scripture, but how long before someone writes a post modern version. God help the world.

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