Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

For those of you who are interested, please do take the time to work through the latest drivel from the Archbishop of Canterbury, this time his Address at al-Azhar al-Sharif, Cairo.

I say ‘drivel’, because he has, in his eagerness to tell Islam that we really believe in the same God, lapsed into both Modalism and Adoptionism.

Just read it. It’s a staggering denial of the person of God.
He quotes this from the Qu’ran:

‘He is God the One,
God the eternal.
He fathered no one nor was he fathered.
No one is comparable to Him.’ (al ’Ikhlaas 1-4)

And then seeks to argue that there is no base incompatability between this (from Surah 112) and the doctrine of the Trinity.
But Surah 112 was written in order to deny that doctrine, it actually uses the term “begat” and “begotten”.

Please, Dr Williams, decide once and for all; do you love the Lord Jesus Christ enough to claim that Islam is wrong? – and there would be nothing rude in doing so. I have had some illuminating discussions with Muslims over this very issue, both of us agreeing on what we disagree on.

Or is the person of the Son less important to you than not offending people?

1 John 2:23 No one who denies the Son has the Father.

Islam denies the Son and, therefore, Muslims do not have the Father.
Williams better decide if he has the Father, because to side with Surah 112 is to place yourself on the wrong side of the Apostle John’s warning. And it is a fearful thing…

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  1. detroitfather

    I share your pain.

    I don’t know how many good Christians I’ve spoken to in the last 20 years who say the same thing, that “of course Allah = God.”

    I used to grind my teeth down at the thought of this.

    1. calling_to_deep

      Of course, the word “allah” is just the Arabic translation of the word “god”

      My Egyptian fiance and his parents, who are Orthodox Christian, use the word “Allah” to mean the Father in the trinity. His parents’ neighbors, who are muslim, use the same word “Allah” to represent the god of the koran.

      Many Christians who says that “of course, allah is god” are, in my experience, ignorant of the actual teachings of islam, but have seized on the notion that in arabic, to say “god” one must say “allah”

  2. astralweeks

    I will use a familiar internet slang phrase to sum up how I feel about it: WTF?

  3. jjostm

    And meanwhile, Anglicans are being slaughtered by the more “spiky” bits of the Islamic religion. Way to go ++Rowan!

    I have faith in the Anglican Way…but the leaders, sometimes I wonder…


    1. jjostm


      I should say that I have faith in Christ alone, of course. Without Christ, the Anglican Way is the same as the way of the world–straight to Hell.

      I know that you’d probably understand that being where I was coming from, but I merely wished to add to that little statement.


  4. jjostm

    And in the same dark spirit…

    I don’t know if you can say that this is worse…certainly not better. And it is certainly not a surprise that “”””+”””Frank would make such a sermon…


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