in case anyone actually doubted…

ECUSA promotes pagan idolatry

I kid you not. I’m speechless.

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  1. priatel

    How can they think they can get away with this, and still claim to be recognised as Christian?


    1. detroitfather

      I don’t know. Probably the “Christian” label will be dropped at some safe point. That may take 10 more years.

  2. jjostm

    I’m completely disgusted. I don’t know what else to say.


    1. David Ould

      i actually couldn’t believe that they didthis

      beyond the abject apostasy it’s just stupid stupid stupid politically.

      1. jjostm

        I’m astounded by the whole raisin cake deal. Offering praise and worship to Ashteroth?! There can’t be any of that liberal waffly “feminine aspects of God” crap. The mentions of the Queen of Heaven in this “liturgy” make quite clear that they’re not worshiping the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

        I was going to ask whether these people read their Bibles…but that’d be a stupid question.


        1. David Ould

          perhaps that’s it
          I seriously reckon the people who dreamed this up don’t have a clue what their bibles say on the matter.

          How could they? You’d have to be supremely utterly retarded to know what scripture says on this issue and still proceed with the liturgy.

          1. jjostm

            The liturgy was not actually written by the ECUSA Women’s Ministries department (although it could have been). It was written by a pagan group called the Tuatha de Brighid (which refers to the pagan gods and goddesses of Ireland). The ritual can be found here. So really, this isn’t even a “””””Christian””””” inventionβ€”but a direct pagan adoption.


        2. calling_to_deep

          I understand the desire to celebrate the differences between the masculine and the feminine, but it seems to me like there are much much better ways for Christian women to celebrate that which makes us different from our brothers.

          Anyway, even if the national ECUSA website is promoting this, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that all American Episcopals agree with this sort of “liturgy”

          1. jjostm

            The majority of women ordained as priests and priests in the Diocese of Newark, where my parish uncomfortably resides, allow such terrible things to happen. Well, actually, it’s a craps shootβ€”some believe that God is dead, some believe that God is Us, and some play around with daemons.

            It’s as if they’re wanting us to jump ship to Rome or Constantinople.


            1. calling_to_deep

              I have never encountered an Episcopal priest who would allow the type of worship in the link above, or who thought that God was anything other than the trinity, and I’m from Boston. Idon’t doubt that it does happen, just saying, not all Americans are crazy liberal fruitcakes.

              1. jjostm

                I don’t doubt that. I’m an aspirant to Holy Orders, but technically so in Quincy Illinois. I know that there are countless orthodox Anglicans in this country (I’m one of them). But the cancerous atheism and paganism that has been in this ecclesial body for so long has been terminal for years now…and it’s merely a matter when the life-support lines of endowments and the like finally shut down. And it’s a rotten shame.


  3. cblifeform

    I am utterly sickened! As some of the other people who posted in here say, not all Episcopals in the US follow this crap. I am fairly new to the Anglican church…been a christian for a long time and know a lot of church history but have only attended an Episcopal church for a little over a year now. I am glad the parish I am part of broke ranks and now is no longer part of ECUSA and has picked up communion with the Worldwide Anglican Communion outside of the US. More and more churches are breaking from their diocese and this junk will only make it happen more. When will ECUSA realize that they have no church unless Christ is the center not themselves. God bless the orthodox christians who hold to scripture.

  4. binni_babe

    Huh? How the heck did that all happen??

    You probably never seen me before huh? Well I’ve been a member of Ozchristians and I’m just bored while I try to procrastinate from doing my assignments for the end of the uni year… thought I’ll see if I can make some new friends…

    What do you say? friend me?

    1. David Ould

      of course,

      tell me a bit about yourself…

      1. binni_babe


        well… what would you like to know?

        1. David Ould


          or, why I should friend you. πŸ™‚

          1. binni_babe

            well add me to your yahoo: binnibabe

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