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Who Should You Vote For?

Who should I vote for?

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Labour -18
Conservative -13
Liberal Democrat 14
UK Independence Party -11
Green -15

You should vote: Liberal Democrat

The LibDems take a strong stand against tax cuts and a strong one in favour of public services: they would make long-term residential care for the elderly free across the UK, and scrap university tuition fees. They are in favour of a ban on smoking in public places, but would relax laws on cannabis. They propose to change vehicle taxation to be based on usage rather than ownership.

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Little do they know. At the last General Election I considered the Democrats but the local candidate made a big deal over her stand on a moral issue that I was (and still am) opposed to.

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  1. yechezkiel


    Who Should You Vote For?

    Who should I vote for?

    Labour -24
    Conservative 30
    Liberal Democrat -12
    UK Independence Party 24
    Green 30

    You should vote: Conservative

    The Conservative Party is strongly against joining the Euro and against greater use of taxation to fund public services. The party broadly supported the Iraq war and backs greater policing and ID cards. The Tories are against increasing the minimum wage above the rate of inflation, and have committed to abolishing university tuition fees. They support ‘virtual vouchers’ for private education.

    You should vote: Green

    The Green Party, which is of course strong on environmental issues, takes a strong position on welfare issues, but was firmly against the war in Iraq. Other key concerns are cannabis, where the party takes a liberal line, and foxhunting, which unsurprisingly the Greens are firmly against.

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