I know famous people.

Or do they know me?

Hard to tell.


One of my friends back in London (although, to be fair, I know his wife a lot better) is a guy called Gordon Corera. Gordon works for the BBC as a security correspondent and a good one he is, too. The first indication I got that he might be fairly important is when a few of us were at his then fiancé’s (and now wife, let me speedily assure) house having a leisurely supper. All of a sudden Gordon’s phone goes, he steps outside, and after a brief conversation returns to announce that he has to go in to work since they’ve arrested some terror suspects.

That night I was stunned to switch on the Radio and hear his voice! Since then it’s been one of my irregular joys when listening to the BBC World Service to hear his dulcet tones. I fear, however, that this will be increasingly infrequent since Gordon appears to be moving over to TV!!!!

You can check out Gordon’s performance by clicking right here.

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