It’s still ok for my mates to have a go at me…

the BBC is reporting that the cricket Authorities in Australia have decided to clamp down heavily on racism

…all except for calling the English “Pom”:

But Cricket Australia has said that the term “pom” can still be used against the English, who arrive in Australia to defend the Ashes in November.

Like cricket itself, “pom bashing” is something of a national sport – performed with particularly vehement enthusiasm when the Ashes are at stake.

Apparently they consulted the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission. However…

…after careful consideration, the commission ruled that the word “pom” – a term thought by many to have originated from the phrase “prisoner of his majesty” – was still permissible.

The body did, however, make a fine linguistic distinction, noting that pom was not hurtful when used in isolation, but possibly racist and humiliating when uttered in conjunction with other coarse language.

Asked whether fans would be evicted for using such insulting combinations, Cricket Australia offered a stout forward defensive, suggesting the question was merely hypothetical.

hmmmm, when we get a schelacking in the Ashes this summer it won’t just be the English team taking a beating…

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