Gustav Klimt’s 150th Birthday – by Google

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This is great.

The doodle team and I are especially excited to celebrate Gustav Klimt this year! An artist whose style ranges from graphic, to photorealistic, to florid, Klimt is as diverse in his works as he is expressive. His work is often emotional, mysterious, and narrative– attracting viewers with both his fluid forms and intriguing figures. I, personally, have been a fan of his work for as long as I can remember.

The doodlers and I have waited for his big 150th birthday, so I knew that I had to brighten up the homepage in his iconic style. Using (faux) gold leaf and oil paint, I wanted to pay homage to Klimt with his most famous painting, “The Kiss.” I hope that our humble doodle does his brilliant legacy some justice! Below are some photos my coworkers snapped while I painted in one of our offices(-turned-studio).

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