EXCLUSIVE!!!! Washington demonstrated to be a collaborator.

So, the TV stations think they have a scoop?

Well, think again. Because I can exclusively reveal that I have managed to track down the biography of George Washington, albeit dating from 1870. Nevertheless it’s a stunning piece of work and will overturn all previously held views about him. Apparently it turns out that Washington, rather than being the greater forger of American indepenance was actually just a stooge of the not-so-mad George III who was actually quite cunning and (who can blame him) wanted shot of the lot of them. Washington willingly complied and helped him out by leading the colonies to independence.

Well I never. So all those historians got it wrong and Washington was actually a bit of a collaborator. Whatever next? Someone will be suggesting that Judas didn’t actually betray Jesus on the basis of a almost universally rejected document only in criculation 100 years after the events.

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