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11 comments on “two very different ways of viewing 2000 US deaths in Iraq

  1. Making any fuss at all over 2000 deaths is pretty stupid considering how in every US war from Vietnam backward we’ve had many, many times that.

    I suppose if you think the present Iraq war is wrong from the start then any number of casualties is unacceptable, but focusing on a low number like 2000 is hokey.

  2. I just wish they’d stop calling the killers insurgents and start calling them terrorists. That’s what they are. Insurgents rebell. Terrorists use violence and intimidation. Let’s call it what it is.

    • Some are insurgents. Some are terrorists. Some are Ba’athist thugs. The anti-US forces in Iraq are not a monolithic whole, and sometimes fight each other.

      • Let me be more clear. If any of those groups or any other group there who is against the rising of this kind of government resort to acts of terror, they become terrorists.

          • Sure… though I’m not sure of what you’re referring to. I think if what you’re saying is true then they need to be disciplined … dishonorably discharged, in otherwords, and also go to prison. Of course, if this comes down to a definition of what a true “terrorist act” is, it may have to be decided that we simply may not have the same opinion.

            • “Terror” is a recognized military tactic- though usually non-effective in achieving the desired results. “Terror bombing” is the method favored by nations with large air-capability. Infantry terror by professional armies tends to be the disobedience of units or persons, but is sometimes by command.

              • Do you make a distinction between “terror tactics” and “terrorism”?

                By the way, if we’re going to go ahead and have these discussions, you should just friend me again, so we can do it there. ;))

                • “Terrorism” is nothing more than terror tactics employed by non-professional armies. The tactics of terror are morally repugnant- and what’s more, normally ineffective- no matter who is carrying them out.

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