Exams – 1 down, 5 to go.

Today marks the start of 2 weeks of hell – exams – beelzebub’s reign.
I’ve just got out of 3 hours of Old Testament theology. This one had us all really worried – a list of seen questions divided into sections of the syllabus from which the examiner picked one in each section. And, for fun, a set of bonus questions at the end from which to pick. I ended up writing answers (if you can call them that) to the following:

  1. Evaluate the textual and theological significance of the Septuguint version of Jeremiah.
  2. ‘The theology of Ezekiel is essentially a Babylonian theology.’ With the aid of specific examples, assess the extent to which the historical and social setting of Ezekial conditions its theology.
  3. Evaluate the significance of the poetic for, of the Psalms for their theological message. Illustrate your answer with examples.and, for my bonus I chose
  4. To what extent is deliverance from death considered to be a genuine possibility for the individual in the Psalms? Illustrate your answer where possible.

lovely-jub. Old Testament exegesis tomorrow morning.

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  1. Anonymous

    poetic form? Yeah, I wouldn’t know how to answer any of those questions, apart from possbily the last one. Oh, I guess I could have a stab at #2 too. But I’ve never even remotely considered #1.

    Do you find yourself learning much while you actually sit the exam?

    John Dekker

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