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6 comments on “Eternity t-shirts at Remo

  1. Hi David, Eternity t-shirts (even better-looking ones, in my opinion), also available at the Cathedral bookstore on 02 9265 1664. Very reasonably priced too.

  2. This is a disgusting display. How typical of organised religion to sell out and cash in on one man’s noble pursuit. Arthur Stace would be appalled to see his message splattered on a god-damn t-shirt. Does the church know any shame? Sell your soul, sell your god, sell a message…it’s all for sale. All churches should replace your idols with a dollar sign-that is all you worship. You people are nothing but money grubbing hypocrites-it’s no wonder religion is dying-u idiots killed it with greed.

    • hi Neil. Fear you’ve jumped to some big conclusions. Remo was never a church organisation. But don’t let that get in the way of you getting some of that off your chest.

  3. Hi David, I have been searching for an “Eternity” bumper sticker for years! They used to be around a long time ago. Just writing to ask if you happen to know if they are still available anywhere? Kind regards

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