Dual Citizens Episode 1: Tonga, Tennis & Theology

You are currently viewing Dual Citizens Episode 1: Tonga, Tennis & Theology

Here’s the first episode of Dual Citizens, a pod/vodcast that attempts to give some analysis of current affairs informed by the gospel!

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  1. chris russell

    There are techniques to protect the commons from foreigners, and likewise, there are techniques that would prevent a foreigner from encouraging vaccine hesitancy. This brings us to the telling observation made by Jacques Ellul. β€œNo technique is possible when men are free”.

  2. Geoff Fletcher

    Well done David for yet another initiative to get people listening, thinking, caring, discussing & acting effectively about things that matter. And well done getting your Australian passport / citizenship. Many people have risked, even lost, their lives and are still doing so for just a chance to get a toe-hold of a chance to win that lottery of life which is so freely bestowed on many of us.
    Re Novak / Novax & visa process – all fair comment!
    Re Tonga & volcanoes – I can’t help but think the definition of “good” that you & many others presuppose is way too anthropocentric. Is “good” whatever suits the welfare & comfort of humans? I heard it put once that “good”, as it was seen by God in the Genesis creation account, means that everything was & worked as it should – carnivores preyed on inferiors, solar UV caused sunburn, people would drown because they don’t have gills to survive under water if they tried, gravity would kill anyone who wasn’t a bird if they tried to fly – and volcanoes blow up because that’s just one aspect of how the enormous formative and natural processes of this Earth that we inhabit behave. And everybody dies one day. All life would be extinct long ago if that didn’t happen. And so all THAT is good since that’s how things just work. To fight such realities is not good, it seems to me.

  3. chris russell

    I thought I should listen to the Djokovic section of this podcast again. For dual citizens who seek advice as to how we, as Christians, should (according to David) live and think differently, in this world, because we are citizens of a different place, it was disappointing, for me, to confirm his narrow support for vaccinations on public health grounds that were, of course, NOT issued to us insofar as we are indeed citizens of a different place. I refer readers, therefore, to the following link where relevant advice, on this question, is given to dual citizens in relation to the vaccinations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8G0JrGOdxE

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