Doug Wilson on Newt Gingrich

Brilliant stuff. Watch this:

Now read this:

John King of CNN wilted under Newt's bombast, but that is not the point. The point is whether or not he needed to wilt. King tried ineffectively to defend himself against Newt's attack by saying that it was another network that had done the interview, and it was one of those things that was “out there” with people “talking about it,” gotta ask, journalistic duty, etc. Newt, in bellicose mode, wasn't having any and said to him, on the contrary, “your network decided to lead off with this question, and it was Disgraceful, Appalling, Reprehensible,” or whatever words of high dudgeon he used. “How dare you bring moral indignation into a presidential debate! I'll show you moral indignation.” The audience was at first agape, and then it roared to its feet. Is he not whacking a liberal? What's not to like?


Despicable is not serial adultery. Despicable is asking about it.

I don't think we have seen the like since Woodrow Wilson was a blastocyte. Obama is certainly arrogant, working that little tiptilted-nose-attitude thing of his, but his hubris is an arugula salad kind of pride. Newt works day and night in the great kitchen like a master confectioner of conceit, with one of those thirty gallon stainless steel mixing bowls, making tray after tray of the peanut brittle of brag.
I don't think I could watch an Obama/Newt debate without constantly looking around for the little car that the 13 clowns were going to tumble out of. This is the circus, isn't it?

We are dealing with a high vulgarian, living well above the tree line. We are dealing with an ego of field rank, looking around for Wellington. We are looking at a flyblown reputation, masquerading as something else — but we should remember that shiny is not the same thing as clean. This is a merchant of buncombe, with everything in his shop priced to move.

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