In it’s latest “this week around the Diocese” the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle in NSW draws our attention to a “fabulous Pride Mass”:



Regular readers of will recognise Archdeacon Rod Bower of Gosford who attended the mass outside his own archdeaconery and preached.

Also pictured with the Ven. Bower are Jane Trigg who is priest in charge at the host parish of Branxton-Greta-Lochinvar and Moira Evers who is the priest in charge of the neighbouring parish of Telarah-Rutherford.

I understand that Rev Trigg and Rev Evers are often seen together at various diocesan and other social events.



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9 comments on “Diocese of Newcastle highlights “fabulous Pride Mass”

  1. You wold not see any of my Facebook comments Bruce Lyon because I have blocked you -so it seems that David Ould has blocked me on Facebook and so isn’t able to read my comments, in which case i apologise and withdraw my comment about you remaining silent. My comments on the Facebook plug in appear in between those of Robert McLean and Leonie Sams.

    So that you are not bereft of my wonderful comments, here they are:

    Greg Colby · Ordinand at Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, Australia
    Why don’t you just come out (pun intended) and say what you mean David, instead of hiding behind inuendo and snide remarks? Bishop Peter and Bishop Greg are often seen together at Diocesen events? here are literally dozens of friendship groups among the clergy in this diocese whom you cold point to adn say – we see you guys together a lot at diocesan events – so what is your point? Or are you merely comitting the sin of gossip? You yourself sir ahve fallen foul of the exact same scrptutres you use to flog others. Repent from your sin and offer an apology for your remarks. You and your Newc…See more
    Like · Reply · 1 November 2016 13:43

    Greg Colby · Ordinand at Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, Australia
    It is good howver that you acknowledge their ordinations by referring to them as Rev’s – very egalitarian of you David – well done sir.
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  2. I'[ve checked and, no, David hasn’t blocked me on face nook, so I’m not sure why toucan’t se my Facebook comments – not to worry

  3. … So it turns out that Moira has become the priestess in charge of Buderim now that Jeremy Greaves is a bishop. Small world…

    To quote from the parish website:

    “Mother Moira comes from the Diocese of Newcastle, having worked in Victoria as a secondary school teacher for several years before she was ordained in the Diocese of Melbourne in 2007.

    As a priest, she finds her energy in Benedictine spirituality, contemplative prayer and the Eucharist, works of mercy and justice and vibrant local mission.

    Mother Moira believes in the importance of parish as community and strengthening relationships through conversations, visiting, meals, socials and good humour.”


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