Consecration of Jay Behan as First Bishop of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa New Zealand

You are currently viewing Consecration of Jay Behan as First Bishop of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa New Zealand

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  1. Alicia Watson

    Hi David. I was at the service in ChCh today and would very much like to view it again as would my hostess who lives here. I can’t seem to get your post to open properly. What do I need to do to view it please?

    1. David Ould

      hi Alicia. Not sure what the issue is. The embedded video is playable.

      1. Mark Smale

        GAFCON has revealed itself as a schismatic organisation, fragmenting the already dreadfully fragmented Body of Christ. Disunity is a far greater evil than a few parishes blessing a few same-sex relationships (nine are obliged to). This looks like a classic case of the biblical “straining at gnats and swallowing camels”.

        1. David Ould

          ha! right on schedule

          great moment to test the principle. Mark, how does Jesus define marriage in Matt. 19 = Mark 10?

        2. Ken West

          Hi Mark,

          I’m a Christian by conviction and an Anglican by choice. While you might see this development as signs of a “dreadfully fragmented” body of Christ, I see this as a wonderful development so people can associate with others who share their convictions, and protect themselves from those whose choices reveal that perhaps they don’t really share their convictions.


  2. Greg Colby

    How many parishes does this Bishop look after, and how do those parishes manage to get out of their responsibilities within the diocese they belong to?

    1. David Ould

      I’m sure Jay can tell you the exact number. I think it’s currently around 12 and growing.
      As for their responsibilities within their diocese, who says they want to get out of any? The record shows that they’re very glad in the responsibilities they have, which so far have included electing their bishop and praying for him.

  3. Michael Robinson

    Blown away that +Justin does a knuckle rap on cross boundary ministries and quotes Nicea 325 and Lambeth 1988 – which is the same Lambeth that resolved that homosexual practice was contrary to Scripture! it seems that Nicea 325 trumps Scripture. What have we become?

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