BREAKING: GAFCON Movement Bishops Vote to Expand – Across Boundaries

The leadership of the GAFCON 2 meeting here in Nairobi have just announced their intention to “expand its leadership role in supporting and recognising Anglicans in placing where Biblical faith has been compromised”.

All the bishops attending the conference agreed without dissent to the following resolution:

To affirm and endorse the position of the Primates Council in providing oversight in cases where Provinces and Dioceses compromise biblical faith, including the affirmation of a duly discerned call to ministry. This may involve ordination and consecration if the situation requires.

Archbishop Wabukala of Kenya and Chair of GAFCON said

We came to Nairobi seeking God’s guidance for the future. Should we stop? Should we slow down? The Bishops told us we must go on.

When asked in a Press Conference about what this meant for Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and his relationship with the GAFCON movement, Archbishop Peter Jensen said there was immense respect for Welby personally and for his office, but even Welby himself had recognised there had been a change in relationships. Archbishop Kwashi said he urged Welby to find ways of narrowing the gap in the Communion. “He has that responsibility right now; upholding the Scriptures, the mission of the gospel and the building up of the saints”.

Archbishop Jensen added that it was a “hard job” and it would “take some time”.

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  1. Tregonsee

    Excellent news. This will annoy all the right people, and remind them there are consequences to non-biblical actions. Lord Acton’s principle comes to mind.

  2. kennethjwest

    *Archbishop* Peter Jensen

    Is GAFCON not yet on daylight savings time? Has that mantle not passed to another?

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