Blooming literary talent

Breakfasts: 1, number of walks to next door food court to get coffee: 1, number of coffee grinders needed: 1.

Have decided to write journal in style of “Bridget Jones Diary”. Will be v witty and result in many people reading and recommending and finally getting reviewed by nasty “pick on one livejournal person a day” bloke.

Shall not write anything about Indians so as not to fall into trap of other.

Have booked flight tickets to India today and so cannot avoid talking about Indians. Resolve not to eat in restaurants in Delhi and therefore avoid possibility of trouble.

Am amazed at how talented self is, Even Bridget couldn’t get on the web.

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  1. Anonymous

    Indian Food and Indian Restaurants

    David, not all Indian restaurants will serve you food that would cause you a stomach upset. I am sure that you will like some restaurants and food when you come to India.


    1. David Ould

      Re: Indian Food and Indian Restaurants


      good of you to watch my journal!! I was actually making a side comment about a friend who was accused of racism for noting that one of his Indian clients didn’t tip well!

      I’m looking forward to the food!! My comment was about service! (or what my friend was accused of!)

      1. David Ould

        Re: Indian Food and Indian Restaurants

        and even then it was his service that was complained about…
        I’m sure this makes no sense… πŸ™‚

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