Anglican Unscripted 393 – NZ General Synod vote and a New Bishop in Oz.

You are currently viewing Anglican Unscripted 393 – NZ General Synod vote and a New Bishop in Oz.

Kevin and I talk about all that’s happened this week.

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  1. bcwearne

    But note also David, how ‘back home in the old country’ a preacher for a Royal Wedding has now been announced, and the intricate complexities of SSM and public governance is now further interwoven with a further twist of a Canterbury churchly weft. I recall a slight political flurry in this country, perhaps back in the 1980s, when a Pentecostal preacher made a comment publicly about being willing to re-baptise Prince Charles. And that wily old politician who got the sack in 1975 was still alert at that time to what such an act would mean and remarked that a re-baptism of the heir to the throne would constitute a constitutional crisis. But in this case one cannot avoid the question of how the Royal House stands WRT SSM. What further constitutional issues are going to arise? What would have to happen for a “royal wedding” to join a same-sex couple together? Admittedly, the forthcoming wedding is of a man and a woman but this event will feature (is not “advertise” the right term here) a preacher who, with his crossed episcopal fingers behind his back, has publicly contravened the Book of Common Prayer’s teaching about marriage certainly raises questions that need now to be addressed and Christians in these polities need to find a way to do so politically, in terms of a comprehensive Christian view of law and public life.

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