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One comment on “Anglican Unscripted 169 – Australian Anglican Future Conference

  1. Hi David,
    Enjoyed the clip. I think it is good and “real” when people are natural and unscripted. As well, nice to see you coming across as an ordinary bloke !

    Shame we now have to devote time and energy to homosexuality, a ploy of Satans l suspect as I don’t recall the great commission making any reference to the pros and cons of homosexuality.

    And for those learned and supposedly wise at the conference who may be pro homosexual …….and even subscribe to homosexual marriages …….what do they say to the fact that “homosexual marriages will never work” as they do not subscribe to Gods “you two are one” factor, something which is only reserved for male/female marriages.

    All said and done have a good and safe trip. I hope lots of longlasting good comes out of it and God zips the lips of the birds of the air.

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