Anglican TV Interview re Grafton


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  1. Revd Daryl

    Hi David,

    I chuckled to myself when I saw the name of the video – Fr David … ๐Ÿ™‚ I do have a question for you not really relevant to the main point of the interview though… why don’t you wear a clerical collar regularly? Do you have a general objection to them? I wear a collar because I like what it stands for, it identifies me as a minister in public situations and it changes the way people interact with me – almost exclusively in a positive way. People who wouldn’t normally notice your existence tend to notice the collar, and often will then take the time to talk to you – it gives a great opportunity to talk about the Gospel with people who you otherwise wouldn’t have engaged with!

    I know it is increasingly rare for evangelical Anglicans to wear the collar, and to use vestments… or to use the prayer book for that matter which I personally struggle with understanding… I think using the prayerbook (1662 or one of the authorised alternatives) is an integral part of what identifies us as ‘Anglican Christians’ and not just some other ‘non denominational’ group. That is not meant to be disparaging towards non denominational Christians or to Anglicans who don’t use the prayer book… just an observation from my own perspective. I know that the argument is generally put that those Anglicans who have done away with the prayer book focus rather on the theology of the articles and prayerbook to maintain their Anglican identity, I just think that participating in liturgical ‘common prayer’ has always been a distinguishing factor for us all – including the evangelicals – I fear that it has all been thrown away to try and make the church ‘modern’ and appealing to the younger generations…

    Wow… went off on a bit of a tangent there didn’t I! Anyway David, I was just curious about your personal view on the collar… and apparently vestments and use of the prayer book! As an aside it was a good interview as well!

    God bless.

  2. Richard Mason


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