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so, (as Sarah Hey wisely points out), the procedural politics have begun.

The big question before the Primates currently meeting in Tanzania is what to do with the Episcopal Church (TEC), and specifically whether they have met the requirements laid out in the Windsor Report and subsequent Dromantine Communiqué.

You would have thought there is an easy answer. As Kendall Harmon writes, “The Episcopal Church has Failed Respond Adequately to the calls of Windsor“.

In order to help the Primates with that decision the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, put together a small sub-committee to present a report on what TEC has done so far. That report can be read here and is, frankly, the biggest load of baloney yet produced by an Anglican body. Greg Griffith is absolutely correct when he writes:

This is not a case of different interpretations, or an attempt to make room for negotiations. It is a falsehood perpetrated on the communion.

The report’s assertion that the response of TEC is generally adequate is ridiculous, as Matt Kennedy points out in this must-read article:

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