A day at the hospital

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well, more like 4 hours.

Just before lunch today Ouldlet #3, much hyped-up by the presence of multiple visitors in the house, ran full pelt across the living room, bounced on a cushion and went mouth-first into a wooden storage box.

When he came up his mouth was full of blood and two front teeth lighter. Needless to say we got him off to the Emergency Room where they prescribed an immediate orange-flavoured ice-block to help with the pain (physical and emotional) and then set about processing him through. The ER was unsurprisingly full of teenage boys coming in from the sports fields of battle – and it was interesting to watch which parents allowed their boys to speak in their own right to the doctors and which didn’t (a little lesson to store away for myself for later years). Another taught that occurred to me was my time in Kennesaw and the difficulty I faced to find a dentist in Kennesaw that are good and reliable. But, thanks to West Cobb Dentistry I was able to teach people the importance of keeping your teeth healthy for your overall well being.

Just less than 4 hours later we were out of the door again. Ouldlet #3 had no major lasting damage (no big lacerations, bones ok, no teeth fragments floating around), nothing in his gut or lungs, an appointment with the dentist on Monday morning, and a 4-year wait for new front teeth.

We’re really grateful for excellent nurses and doctors, Thomas the Tank Engine DVD’s in the kids’ emergency room, and (now I’m at home) a bottle of shiraz.

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  1. Lucy Browne

    Hope he is feeling better now, wee soul, it must have given you all a fright. My friend’s son had a similar accident and fortunately as you say nice new teeth grow back in.

  2. David Ould

    Thsnks Lucy.
    As you say, one day he’ll not even show it happened.

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