26 Seconds – The Amazing and Vital work of Destiny Rescue

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I had the great fortune today to meet destinyrescuelogopart of the team from Destiny Rescue. They do an incredible amount of good work

Destiny Rescue is committed to rescuing children from the sex-trade. We actively send out our rescue agents into brothels, red light districts and sexually abusive situations looking for under-aged kids. We also work closely with government agencies and international NGO’s, getting leads and valuable information as needed.

Once our rescue agents have identified one or more under-aged children, they remain committed to helping them escape the sex-trade, regardless of the effort involved. Many times, children feel trapped, even if they’re not locked up. First of all, traffickers mentally and physically abuse the children they’ve enslaved, putting fear into their minds. If an opportunity ever presented itself to escape, fear would overtake many of them, making it difficult for them to get away. Another factor that keeps children trapped in the sex industry is pressure from their own parents to remain in a brothel. Many parents that end up selling their own children are very poor and uneducated, which keeps them from acquiring a good paying job. So instead, they sell their children into brothels to earn money for their family. Even though these children don’t want to be put into these horrible environments, they find it incredibly difficult to go against their parents’ wishes.

After rescuing the kids from all over South East Asia, they then do through a lengthy process to restore, protect and empower the kids, some of whom as as young as 5 years old.

Why 26 Seconds?


There are an estimated 1.2 million children trafficked each year1 – the majority of them being lured, bribed or forced into the sex-trade.2 That’s one child every 26 seconds! And there are millions of other children that have already been coerced or pushed into the sex industry, forced to have sex with adults several times a day with no way of escaping, unless ordinary people stand up and do something.

Will you join with us in rescuing these precious children?

It’s easy. Destiny Rescue created a program called the “26 Second Challenge” to remind people how often a child is sold into slavery and to raise the necessary funds crucial to liberating children from the sex-trade, worldwide.

This is an incredibly important work to get involved in and I want to commend it to all my readers. It’s not very often that I’ll so shamelessly plug an organisation but I’m going to do it now. Go here to find out more about how you can get involved.

Destiny Rescue Oz site | Destiny Rescue US site

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