2 days to go…

no, not the Doctrine exam of Doom…. something far more important starts in 2 days…


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  1. yechezkiel

    there’s actually a cricket club at my school, believe it or not.

    unsurprisingly, though, it’s the work of Pakistani & Indian students.

  2. Anonymous

    dream on…

    talk it up! that video – what a shallow show of patriotism. The singing’s a little off, some of those words, end of her first verse, the vowels are all funny, and, well, pom-like. As for the hymn – a lousy attempt to give historical “substance” to the myth (lie?) that Jesus went to England. Jesus in England, I think not!
    And we aussies play for more than a little urn that we can hold it in the sky while we’re on a double-decker bus. We play because we can. You guys play to defend what little national pride you have left (hence the video). Sure, Australia used to suck, ealy in hte first years of the ashes’ existence, but not now.
    Now, if England wins, it’s either a pure fluke or blatant match fixing.
    But you’re still my brother, and I should still love you (despite your silly opinions about English “cricket” players) as Christ did me, and us all/the elect (there’s some thinking for your doctrine exam)
    Okay, that’s definitely enough slagging for one night, if not the whole ashes series.
    All the best with your last exam. Take care

    1. David Ould

      Re: dream on…

      anonymous commenters should really sign off…

  3. David Ould

    mate, I have absolutely NO idea!

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