Word Biblical Commentary – massive sale at Logos!

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20% off Logos Bible Software

every so often I’ll have a post with an affiliate link. This is one of those posts – I’ll only ever promote things that I genuinely think are of benefit to davidould.net readers.

Logos are currently running a superb offer on the Word Biblical Commentary series. The full set of commentaries is being sold for US$399 – down from the original price of US$1199.99. This is about as good as it gets and if you ever wanted to get a full set of commentaries then I can’t think of a better way to go about it.

As always, Logos’s dynamic pricing applies so if you already have volumes in the series you’re not charged for them and the price drops further. You’ll be charged in your local currency unless you choose otherwise. FX rates are as close to mid-rate as possible.

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You can also use the coupon code DAVIDOULD8 to open up the 20% discount and your 5 free books!

Word Biblical Commentary offer runs until September 3.

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