what to make of Israel

I think I might be in a bit of strange position over the current crisis. Most of the American Christians that I know (and they’re the conservative type) take a bit of a dispensationist stance and so they’re theologically predisposed to support Israel. In the current crisis they take the resulting position of supporting Israel.

I, however, am not a dispensationist. In fact, more than that, I see no reason to think that modern Israel has any significant (or insignificant) part to play in God’s plans. I am a supersessionist.

So I find myself in this strange position. I think I support Israel. Not completely, mind you. I am growing increasingly concerned that their response is disproportionate. But, it seems obvious to me that ever since 1947 one Arab nation or group after another has tried to wipe them off the map and, for some strange reason, they’re sick of it. Perhaps they’ve been kicked so hard for nigh on 60 years that they know no other way of responding. Perhaps those that attack them understand no other language. Whatever it is, if forced to make a call, I’m with Israel on this.

I’m not on my own in this, of course. I expect that the vast majority reading this (given that you belong to the conservative Christian constituency) will agree. But the difference between us is that my position has nothing to do with theology. It just seems to be common sense.

Thoughts are welcomed.

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  1. h1s_songb1rd

    I don’t know on the theological standpoint. However, because I don’t know, I lean toward erring on the side of caution.

    That said, strictly from the standpoint of the war on terror, I support what’s going on all the way until we’ve taken action against Syria and Iran.

  2. guided_by_grace

    EXCELLENT write-up, David. Spiritual Israel is a concept that I have been studying on and off ever since I did a study of Revelation a while back. And as I was reading through your blog entry, when I got to Romans 11:26, I realized that I had been needlessly struggling over that verse with relation to eschatology. All Israel is of course Spiritual Israel. Thanks for helping me with that light bulb moment.

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