Wangaratta Archdeacon Pushes Same-Sex Marriage Agenda. Again.

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In yet another move in the Diocese of Wangaratta to push forward the Same-Sex Marriage agenda forward the outspoken Archdeacon Peter Macleod-Miller has invited prominent campaigner Rodney Croome to speak at St Matthew’s Albury as part of their Easter and Lent 2016 lecture series. Last year’s lecture was part of the 9am Eucharist service.

The visit was accompanied by a sympathetic piece in the local Border Mail.

Regional communities are too often landed in the ‘opposition’ basket in conversations about marriage equality, according to activist Rodney Croome.

“The stereotype that rural and regional people, and people of faith, oppose marriage equality just isn’t true,” he said.

“The fact I’m in Albury talking to a religious congregation about these issues and receiving a warm welcome proves those stereotypes have no basis.”

The invitation follows on from Bishop John Parkes’ open advocacy of same-sex marriage last year. At that time Bishop Parkes issued the following request as part of a public statement:

I do not seek to impose constraints on the debate, other than the need for respectful conversation. However until the Diocese has come to a view on these matters, contributions to the debate should be made in your private capacity and not in your representative capacity. I would therefore be grateful if you did not use your formal ecclesiastical title when making public comment.

Archdeacon Macleod-Miller then proceeded to advocate for same-sex marriage using his full title in a a number of places online including in the local paper, just as he had done immediately prior to the statement. This latest move will also been seen as being representative, given that it is hosted in Macleod-Miller’s own parish in which he has ecclesiastical authority. If an archdeacon doesn’t keep to the spirit of his bishop’s request, who else can be expected to?

The Tasmanian Times has a number of pictures from the 2015 visit where the lecture appeared to replace the sermon. We look forward to seeing more from today.


edit: and a copy of this year’s notice. Same format inside and out.



The push in the Anglican Church of Australia continues, which will make the upcoming March bishops’ meeting very interesting.

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  1. Ron Johnson

    What can one say but “Oh dear!”
    Although I did think that I might ask our Rector if he would invite Ismail Alwahwah ( leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia ) to give a lecture on Palm Sunday about the peaceful religion of Islam.

  2. neil payne

    where are we headed lets go back to the 50s and 60s at st matthews under fred hill and ross border

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