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Some great news from Matthias Media

Back in February, Sam Freney reported on the launch of the new Two Ways to Live app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. He mentioned at the time that he was working on “an enhanced iPad version, including some Q&A videos and testimonies about how the gospel has changed people’s lives”.

This enhanced version is now available in the iTunes store.


It’s worth a quick recap of the core features of these two apps:

  • powerful and concise gospel text (in 5 different languages)
  • attractive interface and graphics
  • clear navigation
  • a professionally produced audio narration
  • interactivity that invites the reader to make a response
  • access to a free copy of ‘The Essential Jesus’ (ebook) and other resources for further investigation
  • in-app setting to change text to French, Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese (simplified script)

The  enhanced app for iPad (Two Way to Live Plus) includes all of the above features PLUS the following extras…

  • 4 personal stories (video)
  • 13 video answers to common questions people ask
Here’s the demo video:
That’s a great resource and I’ll be buying it straight away.
Which brings me a question – what evangelistic material do you have on your smartphone/tablet  (if you have one) ready to use at a moment’s notice? I have a bunch of helpful graphics from VISUAL UNIT which I use time and time again.

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