to all my readers…

Friends, I’d love to know who’s reading this and from where? Given that there’s a variety of ways that you may be reading this – either at the WhiteHorseInn, directly via livejournal, from the livejournal rss feed or from my own home page, – I’d really appreciate each and every one of you just taking the time to make a quick comment to let me know. If I don’t know you I’d also love to know where you’re from and how you ended up here.



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33 comments on “to all my readers…

  1. I am! And I’m from Illinois 🙂 And I think I started reading you back in the day when you expressed interest in helping moderate 😀 And boy am I ever glad you did!

  2. You’re on my Livejournal friends list, ever since a really good post/comment you made on . Physically, I’m located in Massachusetts, USA.

  3. I’m reading this from LJ, and I’m in wonderful Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. I friended you from back when I would post in LJ_Christians, but nowadays, I’m way too busy to keep up there. I do enjoy your posts, though.

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