The French

I've tried to bring up my children the right way. I've explained to them that the natural feelings of competitiveness that they feel whenever the French are mentioned are just genetic – it's part of being British wink

Turns out, it goes the other way too…

French coach Marc Lievremont believes he has an international consensus to boot England out of the rugby World Cup.

“Of course the rivalry still exists between us, but when it comes to the English I think it exists with all the nations in the world, if I'm to believe all the messages of support from the New Zealanders, the Argentines and the Australians that we come across in the street.


They are united against (England)”.

Oh yeah? Well I see your “they are united against England” and I raise you a…

and then a…

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  1. Roger Gallagher

    Hmm, if only I could work out if this post happened before or after the game.

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