the thorny question of charging for babycinos

OK, all you café people – a question for you.

I resent having to pay for my daughter’s babycinos. To me it’s fairly outrageous that some places want to charge a dollar or even more for a cup of milk foam. Having read this article I think there might be some merit in the argument that the barrista still has to go through the process but something in me baulks. It seems that some café owners agree with me and they don’t charge.

Personally, I think it’s just good commercial sense to hand them out free but is that unreasonable?

Parents and non-parents; what do you think? Do you even care?

And just to prejudice your decision, here’s the girl in question:

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6 comments on “the thorny question of charging for babycinos

  1. Were I running a cafe, I would probably charge something neglible–5 cents, say–because I’ve learned that there’s always a joker if you give out something free. Also, some people are uncomfortable getting free things, even if they’re paying for something else.

      • I used to be that way, too. I think it’s attached to my social anxiety. I couldn’t ask for anything when I was a guest in someone’s home, either. I’ve now learned that accepting gifts and hospitality is a good in itself–it opens up a place for someone to do good, and gracefully accepting it does them good and you good. It’s a lesson that it took the writings of/on Desert Fathers to teach me.

        • I knew you’d have some insight… you sounded like it, anyway. I’m not as bad as I used to be, but my daughter is extremely shy. When people offer things to her, she buries her head in her arms or finds somewhere to bury it into me. We’re working on being assertive, and she’s doing better at asking necessary questions, but accepting gifts is still a big one for her.

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