The new voice of orthodoxy

Courtesy of my little girl, I present to you

Augoostine, the Orthoduck.

Augoostine will be making a regular appearance around our favourite LJ circles, as we learn about the various heresies that have beset the church from time to time (as it was, it is, and evermore shall be – let the hearer understand).

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  1. yechezkiel

    I have a new icon for heretics, too!

    I call it, “BOOOO!”

  2. pould

    For the record, I helped pick it out

  3. anatomiste

    If I’m a duck, as I am often told, I might as well be an Orthoduck. Quack quack!

  4. wrytrz_instnkz

    whoo hoo! these ducks can get pretty tricky.

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