A(n Official) Question about Faithfulness in Service

The Anglican Church of Australia has produced a very helpful discussion guide [pdf] to accompany Faithfulness in Service [pdf]. Faithfulness in Service (FiS) is the church’s governing document with respect to professional standards of behaviour, not least for clergy. It covers, amongst other things, sexual behaviour. The discussion guide has some very helpful questions which allow a […]

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Bishop McIntyre on ABC Gippsland – have the rules been broken?

John McIntyre, Bishop of Gippsland has granted ABC Gippsland radio an interview. Here’s the full audio. At the time of posting there is no transcript. His tone is somewhat conciliatory but some questions remain and some inconsistencies are obvious. He repeats the “I didn’t ordain him” canard. I’m frankly slightly embarrassed for him on this […]


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